Is Generation Y The “Lost” Generation?

Crew necks by Generation Y Streetwear

Crewnecks from Generation Y Streetwear

Those who came before generation Y have seemed to form the opinion that we are the “lost” generation. They believe that we are a generation of high hopes and little prospect, and that laziness and rudeness will be the downfall of our success. We here at Generation Y Streetwear would like to give two middle fingers up to those who think this is a valid opinion. The truth is today’s young people are more prepared and better equipped for success than ever before. We have advancing technology to thank for that, but we also have ourselves to pat on the back for taking the initiative to make progress in society. Not every teenager or 20-something is wasting away countless hours on their phone. Some of us are actually making something of ourselves and climbing new heights every day. To those who are on our level, we salute you! To those who support us, we love you! To those who can’t seem to understand us, don’t try just go home and watch us rise to the top!

Where do you think generation Y and millenials stand?

Streetwear Inspiration: Culture Kings

The Culture Kings is Australia’s premier streetwear retailer. These guys have worked tirelessly to build an incredible collection of all the latest streetwear trends and then some. A true inspiration the the Gen Y team. Check out their video below. Help Generation Y get this awesome by visiting our shop, commenting and sharing our stuff with your family and friends! Don’t forget to give us a shout out on twitter. We’d love to hear from you.